By making a reservation for one of the modes of holiday-stay as proposed by O AZURE, the client fully adheres to the present Terms and Conditions of Sale which shall be contractually binding upon him/her.



  1. Price-rates :


1.1 The price-rates as they appear on our plaques, brochures and on our website are given for information purposes solely since the services requested as part of a holiday-stay may vary from one client to another and also because our price-rates are likely to fluctuate in relation to particular factors such as changes in indirect taxation or variations in exchange rates.


1.2 Subject to any possible amendments, the cost of a holiday-stay and of any accompanying services as ordered by the client is consonant with the price-rates (including taxes and processing fees) as featuring on the confirmation of availability. The latter is forwarded to the client within 72 hours following receipt by O AZURE of his/her request for reservation. Any confirmation of availability amounts to confirmation of reservation until receipt of the down-payment as stipulated hereunder which needs to reach O AZURE within two (2) days at latest as from the date of confirmation of availability. Once past this time-limit, the request for reservation and the confirmation of availability shall be considered as null and void.


1.3 As regards accommodation, our chargeable rates are calculated on a daytime basis as from 0800 hours to 0800 hours the following day. There shall be no refund whatsoever albeit partial on the cost of the concerned day in case of a late arrival on the first day or a re-scheduled departure on the last day of your holiday-stay.


1.4 Our price-rates, once having been confirmed, are guaranteed for a period of 30 days. Once this time-period has elapsed, O AZURE reserves the right to review its proposed rates. However, in the event of an increase of more than 15% in the price-rates, the client will be entitled to cancel his reservation without any charges provided that he/she so notifies O AZURE in writing within 10 days at latest of being informed of the change in the price-rates.


  1. Our price-rates include:


2.1 The renting out of a villa (commonly known in Mauritius as « Campement »)


The villas that are rented out are of good quality, situated at or close to the most beautiful spots of the island. The villa in which you will be staying will be furnished and equipped and will have the same facilities and the level of comfort as detailed in the confirmation of availability.  


2.2 Household staff


Household staff attached to the rented villa shall be at your disposal during your holiday-stay and that without any additional costs to you. Thus, a person or two will be available (generally in the morning), except on Sundays and public holidays to do the household chores. Subject to availability, this person will be able to continue performing the household work beyond the said hours in return for remuneration for additional services provided, on the basis of a time rate to be agreed upon.

2.3 Basic food and drinks supplies


You will be provided with some basic food and drink supplies free of charge upon your arrival at the villa.


2.4 Household linen and crockery


The villa rented out is furnished with household linen (bed-sheets, bath towels) and with crockery in very good condition and sufficient enough to cater for the number of occupants.

3. Our price-rates do not include:


3.1 The cost of phone calls made from the villa


With the exception of local calls which are kindly offered within reasonable limits, you will be charged for each and every phone call made from the phone set(s) located in the villa on the basis of the statement as provided by the Mauritius Telecom (or any other telephone access service provider) covering the period of your holiday-stay. Our invoice will need to be settled within eight (8) days from the date of remittance.


3.2 Service charges at the airport


All charges, taxes and expenses that are borne or incurred by the client prior to his reception at the airport or subsequent to the vacating of the villa by him/her at the end of his/her holiday-stay shall be payable by the client.  


3.3 The deposit as part of the renting out of the villa


Every villa and its contents are in excellent working and using condition at the time when they are put at your disposal. In that respect, you shall be required, upon your arrival, to pay a rental deposit by way of a cheque drawn in Euros, cash or credit card payment.

The deposit amounts to 2 nights rental of the villa.

This deposit shall be returned to you on the departure date after that an inventory of premises has been made. In case of damage caused to any movable property, electrical appliance or any other object as a result of the fault or negligence of the occupants, corresponding deductions will be made for the costs of repairs or if this is not possible, for the costs of replacement. In the event that the deposit proves to be insufficient to cover the damages thus caused, an additional invoice will be prepared and forwarded to the client who will need to settle the invoice within eight (8) days at latest as from the date of remittance.


  1. Modes of payment :


4.1 A reservation shall be valid only if followed, within a period of two (2) days as from the date of confirmation of availability, by a bank transfer or a credit card to the account of O AZURE of a down-payment amounting to 40% of the cost of the holiday-stay (including processing fees and taxes) as featuring in the said confirmation of availability.


4.2 The payment of the outstanding balance on the total charged price shall need to be made by the client thirty (30) days at latest before the planned date of arrival in Mauritius.

4.3 However and notwithstanding the foregoing, any reservation made thirty (30) days or less before the planned date of arrival shall, following confirmation of availability, only be considered and accepted if accompanied by the payment of the total charged price of the holiday-stay within a time limit of eight (8) days, failing which the reservation will be purely and simply cancelled.


4.4      The signature of our Terms & Conditions of Sales will give us the authority to debit your credit cards.  The amounts deducted will be commensurate with our payment schedule listed on the pro forma invoice.  These payments will be completed based upon information (amount, date, card number, debit agreement) previously received from you bymail or telephone, thus being for each transaction.

5.           Cancellation


5.1 The reservation of a holiday-stay and a villa becomes final and definitive at the time when the aforementioned down-payment is credited to the account of O   AZURE.  In case of any subsequent cancellation, the client shall be liable for the following penalties (exclusive of possible resulting processing fees) which shall accrue and remain payable to O AZURE:


            Cancellation occurring :

i)   cancellation more 90days before arrival date:  loss of  100% of deposit

ii)    between 90-61 days before arrival date:  loss of 50% of total cost of holiday stay

iii)   between 60-30 days before arrival date: loss of 75% of total cost of holiday stay *

iv)   less than 30 days before arrival date:  loss of 100% of total cost of holiday stay


In the event of a reservation being cancelled during the peak period of 15/12 to 15/01, the penality listed in (i) and (iv) will be modified and applicable like this:


v)   cancellation more 90days before arrival date:  loss of  100% of deposit

vi)    between 90-60 days before arrival date: loss of 75% of total cost of holiday stay

vii)   less than 60 days before arrival date: loss of 100% of total cost of holiday stay


5.2 A cancellation, irrespective of the time when it occurs, should necessarily be confirmed by registered post together with acknowledgement of receipt for it to be valid.

5.3 Any cancellation made by O AZURE by reason of any such events or circumstances arising which jeopardise the security of people and property, whether the features of an event of ‘force majeure’ are present or not (social unrest, strikes, adverse weather conditions etc…) shall not give rise to any claim for refund or compensation in favour of the client.


5.4 Any change of arrival date shall, except if the new date is expressly accepted by O AZURE, be considered as a cancellation of the reservation previously made.

However, any change in the number of people shall, provided that it is within the lower and upper limits of 2 persons and that it does not warrant looking for another villa, give rise to additional processing fees which shall be invoiced out to the client after that the latter has settled the down-payment relating to the additional persons.

6. Reception of the Villa:


6.1 In the event that the client is not satisfied with the reserved villa, he/she must notify O AZURE upon his/her arrival on the premises prior to the remittance of the keys of the villa. Subject to the judiciousness of the reasons of his/her dissatisfaction, O AZURE shall use its best endeavours to propose to the client, subject to availability at that point in time, a replacement villa at the same cost and of the same level of comfort as requested at the time of reservation. By accepting the replacement villa, the client waives his/her right to any claim whatsoever.


6.2 Any additional charges arising from a change of villa that is not attributable to O AZURE and particularly all such charges incurred as a result of putting up at the disposal of the client, a replacement villa which is more onerous or of a level of comfort superior to that originally fixed, shall be borne by the client in their entirety and shall, if the case arises, make the client liable for settling the additional costs to be incurred upon his/her arrival on the premises.


6.3 Upon reception of the villa, as formalised by the remittance of the keys to the client upon his/her arrival, the client in effect waives any claim whatsoever for a refund of the sums paid to O AZURE notwithstanding that the client decides to leave the premises for another type of accommodation or still to shorten his/her holiday-stay.

  1. Conditions of stay :


7.1 Inventory of fixtures


An inventory of fixtures shall be effected upon the arrival of the client at the villa. The same will be carried out upon departure of the client at the time of the remittance of the keys.

7.2 Enjoyment of premises


7.2.1 Given that the villa that is rented out is furnished and equipped, and in an excellent state of upkeep and maintenance, the client undertakes to make proper and reasonable use of it and to restore the villa as well as its movable property and equipment in the same condition at the end of his/her stay.


7.2.2 In this respect, the client shall, save for special written authorisation by O AZURE, refrain from making any adjustments, modification or transformation to the layout of the villa and of its outbuildings. Even if expressly authorised to this effect, the adjustments, embellishments or improvements made to the villa or to its movable property and equipment shall not give rise to any compensation for the client and shall remain the property of the owner of the premises, except for the right of the owner to demand from the client that he/she restores the premises and their contents to the same condition as the latter found them upon his/her arrival at the villa.

7.2.3     Each and every holiday-stay sold by O AZURE is set for a given number of persons and the proposed villas have an accommodation capacity which is adapted to the number of occupants as disclosed by the client. Consequently, O AZURE may demand from the client and all persons accompanying him/her that they leave the premises immediately and without notice in case there is an obvious excess in the number of occupants as compared to that disclosed at the time of reservation. Such an event would amount to pure and simple rescission of the agreement by the client so that the latter cannot purport to have any claim for compensation whatsoever, not even refund on the number of days of rent left on the holiday-stay, in which case the sums of money already paid by the client remain with O AZURE as damages.

7.2.4      Furthermore, O AZURE reserves the right to ask the client and all such persons accompanying him/her to leave the premises immediately, without notice, without any compensation or refund of any kind, and if need be, by resorting to police in case the client or any of the persons accompanying him/her commits anything that offends Mauritian laws in force or acts in breach of basic norms of savoir-faire and behaviour.

  1. Extension of stay:


8.1 Should the client so wish and provided that the villa rented is still available after the date of departure as originally planned, the client will be able to extend his holiday-stay in the villa, provided however that he/she settles the rent charges and makes all necessary arrangements for the extension of his/her holiday-stay, particularly with regard to his/her visa. O AZURE cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the non-availability of the reserved villa or for the client’s inability to fulfill the conditions laid out for the extension of his/her stay, after the date of departure as originally planned at the time of reservation.


8.2 In the event that the client is forced to extend his/her stay, in particular as a result of conditions (climatic and others) impeding the transportation or the repatriation of the client or of any of the persons accompanying him/her, O AZURE shall use its best efforts to propose a commercial solution to the client, thereby enabling the latter to end his/her holiday-stay in the most pleasant way.

  1. Responsibilities:


9.1 O AZURE cannot be held responsible and shall not entertain any claim by reason of the non-availability of the villa as reserved at the agreed date from the moment that this non-availability is related to the occurrence of external conditions, in particular climatic conditions, or is justified by reasons beyond the control of O AZURE. In such a case, O AZURE shall do its best to propose an alternative which is moreorless of the same value and level of comfort as the requirements formulated by the client at the time of reservation.


9.2. Furthermore, O AZURE cannot be held liable for any defect or failure in the water supply and/or electricity supply that occurs for any reason whatsoever during the client’s holiday-stay at the villa. O AZURE however undertakes to use its best endeavours and to liaise with the relevant authorities so that the said supplies be restored within the least possible delay.


9.3 Moreover, O AZURE cannot be held liable for any material damage and/or physical injuries suffered by the client, any of the persons accompanying him/her or their personal belongings during the participation in any sports activity or other and this albeit that the latter may have been proposed or recommended by O AZURE. To this effect, the client undertakes to take an insurance cover for himself/herself as well as for any person accompanying him/her against personal injury risks,the medical or surgical consequences that may arise from such risks and the repatriation to his/her place of residence.


9.4 The client shall be responsible for the use of the movable property and equipment which is found in the villa or its outbuildings. In case of damage caused to the said movable property and equipment, the client shall, save that such damage may have been caused by an event of force majeure, be liable for the charges incurred in putting them back to their original state or for their replacement by similar ones.   

  1. Travelling formalities :


The client shall be solely responsible for his/her travelling formalities (on both the outward and return trips) and for the charges incurred on such formalities.  O AZURE shall not be responsible in that regard, in particular with respect to the failure by the client to register at the airports or to reconfirm his/her return flights.


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